The military replica Chiappa Mfour Carbine is a high-quality, accurate platform perfect for shooters who want to keep up their skills, or for transitioning to its big brother center fire carbine. The Chiappa Mfour carbine has a barrel length of sixteen inches, a weight of 5.5 pounds, and an overall length of 34.25 inches. In addition, both the upper and lower receiver are made of lightweight, tough polymer. The carbine has a 28 or 10-round magazine capacity, depending on state law. The Chiappa Mfour fires economically priced .22 Rimfire ammunition for a ton of some serious practice for its “bigger” 5.56mm /.223 brothers. Even in today’s .22LR hoarding situation, the .22 LR is a real bargain compared to center fire ammunition.

The Chiappa Mfour .22 LR Rimfire Carbine comes with a detachable (dual aperture adjustable iron sight) carry handle assembly and Picatinny flat top rail for mounting optics and accessories. This product is available in two colors: Desert Tan and all Black. Manufacturer suggested retail price is $558. The Chiappa four carbine is a low cost, accurate, enjoyable firearm for the end user who requires lightness, speed of action, and mobility. It is combat proven and ready for tactical use. See below for additional details on the Chiappa Mfour .22 LR Rimfire Carbine.

Specifications: Chiappa Mfour .22 LR Rimfire Carbine

-Caliber: .22 Long Rifle
-Weight: 5.5 pounds
-Overall length: 34.25-inches
-Barrel Length: 16-inches
-Materials: Light weight and ultra tough polymer upper and lower receiver
-Magazines: Depending on state law either two 28-round or two 10-round magazines
-Colors: Desert tan (shown) or all black
-Suggested Retail: $558.00

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