Many people in the industry sat up and took notice when Christensen Arms debuted its CA-15 and CA-10 Gen 2 rifles at SHOT Show back in January, and now the Utah-based gun maker has announced their official release.

Available with either stainless steel or carbon fiber barrels, the CA-15 and CA-10 Gen 2 both feature newly designed, billet 7075 receiver sets along with a slim profile, aerograde carbon fiber handguard. In addition, both of these rifles feature a free-floating barrel and come with a sub-MOA guarantee.

The CA-15 G2 weighs just under six pounds — making it one of the lightest and most accurate AR-15 platforms out there — and is offered in Black Anodize, Tungsten Cerakote, or Burnt Bronze Cerakote. It’s chambered in .223 Wylde. MSRP for the stainless steel barrel variant is $1,749, while the carbon fiber version retails for $2,295.

With a combination of aerospace alloys and ultra-lightweight carbon fiber, the CA-10 G2 weighs just 7.2 pounds, resulting in an insanely lightweight AR-10. It’s available in either .308 Win or 6.5 Creedmoor and comes in three different color offerings. MSRP for the stainless barrel version is $2,595 and $2,995 for the carbon fiber.

Check out the teaser videos below for a closer look at these two rifles.

For more information about the CA-15 G2 and CA-10 G2, visit

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