The new lightweight Christensen Arms Ridgeline Scout is versatile.

Christensen Arms just announced the release of it newest bolt-action rifle, an addition to its popular Ridgeline series. The new Ridgeline Scout comprises a lightweight, compact rifle platform. It fills multiple roles, from mountain gun, to treestand or blind to truck gun.

Christensen Arms Ridgeline Scout

The purpose-built, bolt-action rifle chassis forms the heart of this variant. It combines the best feature fo the Ridgeline into a new compact scout rifle, according to Christensen Arms. It features a Black Nitride coated action, 0-MOA optics rail, barricade stop, 10-round AICS box magazine and a flat-shoe Trigger Tech trigger. The entire package rides in a tan and black carbon fiber composite Sporter stock.

The Ridgeline Scout weighs in at 5.9 pounds overall. It comes in four calibers, all with a 16-inch muzzle-threaded barrel, making it suppressor-ready. A 416R stainless steel carbon-fiber wrapped barrel completes this awesome rifle package.

“We are excited to add the new Ridgeline Scout rifle to the Ridgeline series. The intent was to offer shooters the same familiarity and performance of the Ridgeline in a shorter, more compact, system,” said Stephen Graham, Senior VP of Marketing, Christensen Arms. “This Ridgeline Scout has the same accuracy potential and dependability as our field-proven Ridgeline rifles, as they share many of the same features, technology and components.”

Weighing a mere 5.9 pounds, the Ridgeline Scout is versatile.

The Ridgeline Scout retails for $2,199.99. For even more info, please visit

Ridgeline Scout Options

ChamberingBarrel LengthTwist RateOverall Length
.300 BLK16″1/737.5″
.223 Rem.16″1/837.5″
6.5 CM16″1/837.5″
.308 Win.16″1/1037.5″

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