Christensen Arms Titanium Bolt-Action Rifle
Christensen Arms’ New Titanium Bolt-Action Rifle

Christensen Arms is known for enhancing its weapons with carbon-fiber-upgraded parts, helping them lose weight without shredding an ounce of performance or precision. Looking to expand its list of bolt-action rifles, which currently includes Classic and Summit carbon and steel variants, Christensen Arms has released its Titanium bolt-action rifle for 2015.

This extremely lightweight rifle can handle the toughest of conditions and demands while still retaining its match-grade accuracy. Designed for the avid hunter that goes the extra mile, the target shooter tired of toting a heavy gun to the range or a tactical operator who needs to get into position quickly and make the first shot count, the Titanium has plenty of bells and whistles and some new Christensen Arms developments.

Of course, the Titanium rifle features a fully gunsmithed titanium bolt action with a deeply spiral-fluted bolt that helps reduce weight and clear debris while still remaining extremely durable and rigid. Expertly fitted to the titanium action, which features a top rail for mounting a scope, is a carbon-fiber-wrapped barrel—another weight-saving upgrade. Several chamberings will soon be available for the Titanium.

The barreled action uses Christensen’s new carbon-fiber magazines and is cradled in a carbon-fiber stock that can come in several finish options, from camo dipping patterns to a natural graphite finish.

For more information, visit or call 888-517-8855.

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