Chutes, Beer & Bullets is the nonfiction, autobiographical narrative of one soldier’s uncut and unscripted experiences as a soldier in the midst of America’s conflict in the Middle East. From his inception into military service through two tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq, M240B machine gunner Jesse Holder examines the depths of conflict and the stark, often humorous, view of soldiers’ lives both inside and out of the battlefield.

Tagged as “Not your grandpa’s war story,” Chutes, Beer & Bullets goes beyond the raw descriptions often found in other war stories that concentrate on battles and bloody confrontation, describing instead the psychological warfare between troops beyond the front lines. Written during his tours, Holder inserts the reader directly into combat with a first-hand perspective difficult to match in similar non-fiction accounts of war.

“Chutes, Beer & Bullets is assured to have you laughing, sighing, looking away, and possibly even shedding a tear as you connect with the real life characters within,” Holder says.

The book offers readers an opportunity to question military motives behind the War on Terror without being overly political. In short, Holder focuses on the interpersonal relationships between soldiers rather than assuming or evaluating how warfare affects soldiers’ motivations.

Holder’s goal is to raise awareness and understanding about soldier’s lives, especially in lieu of so many returning veterans experiencing post-traumatic conditions, providing a sound foundation for the reasons why soldiers experience difficulty with reason and reality.

“If reading about death, blood, sexual references, alcohol, drug usage, colorful language, and a tad bit of good humored racism disturbs you, then I’d say this isn’t the book for you,” writes Holder in the prologue of his book. “That being said… it gives an in depth look at today’s war and how it affects all soldiers.”

Chutes, Beer & Bullets opens the eyes of American society to the intense survival conditions of our troops in warfare, and the dangerous celebratory practices of these men when on leave.

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Chutes, Beer & Bullets is the nonfiction, autobiographical narrative of one soldier’s uncut and unscripted…