It seemed that just about every booth at an industry trade show last year featured at least one aftermarket chassis system to convert the venerable Remington 700 into an advanced tactical rifle with the ability to use AR-style pistol grips, buttstocks and detachable magazines. Remington had their MSR, Desert Tactical Arms had theirs, and Accuracy International had their new AX on display.

I was able to get my hands on four chassis systems that run the gamut of options, prices and features and take them for a test drive: the JAE-700, Demon Force SRC, XLR Evolution and Eberlestock M11 Stealth. Each system spans the range of accessories and features and all four have a few things in common to increase your bolt-action rifle’s performance.

Common Threads
First, they all have aircraft-grade aluminum as their primary material. Used for years as a bedding block in tactical and target stocks, the aluminum in these chassis systems allows your rifle’s receiver to be securely bolted to a frame that won’t be affected by temperature and solvents like wood and plastic stocks. Secondly, they all “free float” the rifle’s barrel. As the bullet moves down the barrel, the barrel actually flexes and moves. Any pressure from your stock along the length of your barrel can affect the accuracy. That is why match and tactical rifles use stocks that allow you to pass a piece of paper all the way back to the receiver without binding. These chassis go one step further by putting your barrel in an even wider pathway—three in separate forend tubes and one in an aluminum channel.

Thirdly, they all convert your internal-box-feeding bolt action into a rifle capable of using Accuracy International-pattern detachable mags. This is a boon to those operators who would like to be able to switch the type of ammunition in their weapon without having to drop loose rounds out of the bottom of the gun or cycle them one by one through the action. With a reputation for high-quality construction and reliable feeding, the Accuracy International AICS magazine has become the go-to detachable box magazine. Beyond those basic commonalities, these four chassis manufacturers have set out to put their own stamp on their systems.

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It seemed that just about every booth at an industry trade show last year…