is always nice to see a good family-owned business succeed. CMMG is one of those businesses. Located in Fayette, Missouri, in the middle of America’s heartland, CMMG has built a reputation for making quality rifles with a large number of options at a reasonable price. Since first opening their doors in 2002, their line of AR rifles has continued to expand. Looking at their website, you’ll quickly see that CMMG can build a configuration to meet just about anyone’s requirements. The models include traditional gas impingement systems, pistons, and a full line of NFA short-barreled rifles. The website allows customers to specify their own rifles with a variety of options. Upgrades include a variety of calibers, stocks, flash suppressors and triggers, to mention a few. And to top it all off, CMMG backs each rifle with a lifetime warranty, no questions asked.

CMMG equips the M10 rifle with a fixed A2 front sight, mid-length gas system and a 16-inch, cold-hammer-forged barrel.

The majority of CMMG rifles are made to meet military specifications. Upper and lower receivers are made from 7075 T-6 aluminum that is first anodized and then Teflon coated for increased corrosion resistance. Their barrels are cold-hammer-forged from 4150 steel and chrome-lined with chamberings in 5.56mm NATO, .308 Winchester, 9mm, .22 LR and 300 AAC Blackout. Other options include medium, bull, and government (M4) profile barrels. Every CMMG barrel is magnetic-particle inspected (MPI) to ensure quality and integrity. Short-barrel configurations are also available to agencies and qualified individuals.

Gun Details

The most recent addition to their line is the M10. What sets the M10 apart is its mid-length gas system and rifle-length handguard with a 16-inch carbine barrel that is cold-hammer-forged and chambered in 5.56mm NATO with a 1-in-7-inch twist rate. The M10 is equipped with a full, rifle-length Magpul MOE handguard that extends out to the A2-style fixed sight. The MOE handguard has slots at two, six, and 10 o’clock positions for mounting accessory rails. The front sight’s forward location gives the user an extended grip to better “drive” the rifle and lengthens the sight radius. The side extensions and lip on the front of the MOE handguard protect the user’s hand from a hot front sight assembly.

The M10 is fitted with the Magpul MOE stock and pistol grip for added control. The rifle also comes with a 30-round PMAG.

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is always nice to see a good family-owned business succeed. CMMG is one of…