CMMG’s M4-LE 9mm Carbine makes the perfect long gun companion to a 9mm service pistol, such as this FN USA FNP-9. Carbine is shown with Trijicon’s RX30 reflex sight.

Sometimes being a small company has its advantages.

Jeff Overstreet, president of CMMG, has found that a huge advantage to running a svelte company is being able to respond to an ever-changing market quickly. “We can still move and react to the industry extremely quickly, Overtreet says. “That’s one of the benefits of being a small company—we’re extremely flexible. There’s such a saturation in the industry right now that unless you have something unique and in demand by the customers, you’re fighting with all the other manufacturers for the same breadcrumb. When things started to slow down, we decided that we didn’t want to dump a bunch of money into the things that 20 other companies are doing.”

Indeed, CMMG’s business model and history are quite unlike anything else in the firearms industry. In fact, it was Jeff Overstreet’s desire for an M4 that sparked this business endeavor. “I wanted a Colt M4 but was making less than $20,000 a year and had two kids and there was just no way that was going to happen. So I traded up and traded up and finally got what I wanted,” says Overstreet. “My wife started keeping track of my trades and kind of came up with a formula for growth versus volume. She came to me one day and said, ‘You know what, you could do this full-time and still make the same amount of money but be doing something that you really like.”

On an AR-style 9mm carbine bullets travel almost an inch to the chamber. Note the
integrated feed ramp in the lower.

Having this flexibility allows Overstreet to not be so rigid in his designs. A good example of this is the flattop 16-inch version of CMMG’s 9mm carbine, known as the M4-LE. It’s a well-built and reliable rifle that is capable of superb accuracy and will function well with just about any FMJ ammunition. Pistol-calibered AR rifles are popular these days as shooters are looking to save money by shooting cheaper pistol ammunition. A tactical advantage is the ability to have a defensive pistol chambered for the same cartridge as your long gun. Whatever your reason is for wanting a 9mm AR-style rifle, this CMMG is an affordable and reliable option.

The upper receiver features a shortened ejection port and dustcover as well as a rubber bumper pad to cushion impacts from ejected brass.

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CMMG’s M4-LE 9mm Carbine makes the perfect long gun companion to a 9mm service…