We in the shooting community have had a number of debates with ourselves over the last few decades; 9mm versus .45, double-action versus single-action and M16 versus M4. If we felt inclined we could even go back to the 7.62mm NATO versus 5.56mm NATO debate. Today one could successfully argue that the biggest debate raging deals with the operating system of our favorite black rifle, the AR-15.

cmmg2It’s been more than 100 years since John Browning perfected a functional gas-operated firing system and we are still fine-tuning the concept. We all know that Gene Stoner used a direct impingement gas system when he designed the AR-15 rifle. Despite some genuine growing pains, the system has worked for decades in the AR-15 and M16 variants. While some have dismissed recent modifications as simply trying to “build a better mouse-trap” the piston operated AR has definite merit.

Gun Details
CMMG as a company has been quietly manufacturing firearms parts and accessories for years now. Recently they started offering the entire package in various forms. Of particular interest is CMMG’s new M4 LEP II model.

On the surface this carbine appears akin to many other 5.56mm M4’s. The rifle is built with many Mil-Spec features. The external controls; safety lever, magazine release button, bolt catch, pivot and takedown pins are all stock AR.

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We in the shooting community have had a number of debates with ourselves over…