Although polymer-framed, double-column magazine pistols with striker-fired systems of operation are the rage these days in law enforcement, there is clearly still a place for the 1911. With its long lineage of battle-proven performance and big-bore stopping power, the .45 ACP 1911 is still more than up to the task of daily patrol or tactical operations duty. But what if you want one that features the most cutting-edge enhancements and upgrades born from the custom gunsmithing community, but still offered at a reasonable price?

Then look no further than the Special Combat Government from the Colt Custom Shop. This
pistol raises the base Government model to a benchmark for 1911 pistols. The O1970CY carry model I received for testing in particular is a made-to-order combat pistol that any military operator or law enforcement officer can rely on.

Like all Colt pistols, the Special Combat Government starts out with four forged parts: the slide, receiver, barrel and slide stop. Forged parts are tough and can be held to high tolerances. The slide stop, for instance, is a critical piece holding the barrel, slide and receiver together—it needs to be very strong to handle the high round counts of some department range sessions.

For more information, visit or call 800-962-2658.

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