Colt had a nice list of new products at the 2008 AUSA show. Specifically, they have incorporated their own gas piston design into the AR. It is unique in that the piston system is very close to the receiver rather than the front sight assembly, which should prevent malfunctions and strengthen the piston rod itself. They are calling the new operating system “Advanced Carbines.” This picture illustrates their new IAR (Infantry Automatic Rifle) model. As you should notice, the upper receiver and handguard is crafted from one piece of aluminum, making it stronger by removing a source of inconsistency. By creating this, Colt has now bought into the “monolithic rail platform” trend. It looks heavy duty up front. Jeffrey Radziwon, Colt’s marketing supervisor, stated that this gun is designed to challenge the FN M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Rifle), which is currently in use. As you should also notice, there is a GripPod vertical forgrip that releases a mechanical bipod that was recently procured by the Marines (225,000 contract) and the U.S. Army (Multi-Million contract). This rifle also features the Magpul PMAG that has grown in popularity. This model has a little window that reveals when the magazine is near max capacity or closer to empty. Radziwon also noted that they have chosen to incorporate the ambi magazine release seen on this one. A VLTOR clubfoot stock brings up the rear.

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Colt had a nice list of new products at the 2008 AUSA show. Specifically,…