TYR’s PICO Assaulters Plate Carrier can fit 12×9 plates, and has an antimicrobial mesh on the inside part of the vest. Even on a warm day, the vest won’t feel too hot.

Norse pagans of the early Middle Ages believed in supernatural beings and many gods. Tyr was one of those gods, and he symbolized single combat, victory and heroic glory in Norse mythology. Interestingly, “single combat” is considered a duel between two individual warriors that takes place within the context of a battle between two armies. Everyone else looked upon these two warriors as the true champions of each side—the best.

After spending several days wearing one of TYR Tactical’s plate carriers, the meaning behind the name starts to settle in a little deeper. Someone took time and effort researching the name and what it means, and how it would convey a message to the current and future users of the product. They also took into consideration what the name means to those developing, engineering, testing and manufacturing the product. It’s no small undertaking, and it’s what the very best companies do when they are serious about who they are and their intended goals. It’s easy enough to pull some cool-sounding name out of the air, but this name involves specifics, detail, and mindset.

No shortcuts taken here—the mesh and padding carry over to the side panels. TYR has done a great job with this design.

Mission-Ready Outfitting
Now it’s making sense. I’ve been looking for this plate carrier for roughly four years. Maybe not this specific one, but a version just like it. I introduce to you the TYR Tactical PICO Assaulters Plate Carrier, Version 2. This is a standalone carrier. You might describe it as the lightest, most comfortable, extremely durable plate carrier you can lay your hands on in today’s market. It fits right, is comfortable and should allow you to set it up to your personal liking. If you’re an end-user who must wear one of these all day everyday, the weight savings should be a major factor and attraction for you.

Mission adaptable, TYR’s Pals Adapter Panels can hold more plates or magazines.

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TYR’s PICO Assaulters Plate Carrier can fit 12x9 plates, and has an antimicrobial mesh…