In response to the USS Cole bombing on October 12, 2000, CSI has been developing Venom™ systems for tactical positions on vessels in order to determine the intent of oncoming watercrafts. CSI engineers have developed long-range and multi-bang flash bang rounds for maritime applications in littoral zones. CSI has been working with AM General Corporation to integrate the Venom™ system on Humvees.

Venom™ system is easily integrated with lethal capabilities like the M2, MK-19HMG and M240 MMG aboard weapons stations of the Humvee. CSI is working to integrate its Venom™ system on unmanned vehicles like the Gladiator TUGV to further enhance Venom™ capabilities and keep warfighters out of harms way in urban battlefields.

venom2.gifThe modular nature of the Venom™ system allows the placement of a ten cartridge system on tactical positions like the turret, bumper or other positions on many different types of vehicles or vessels for force protection.

Warfighters must limit civilian casualties, prepare for the enemy’s use of non-combatants as protective shields and protect in-theater buildings during urban conflicts. In an effort to equip and protect warfighters in contested zones, CSI has developed several versions of the Venom™ system to determine the intent of oncoming vessels or vehicles while keeping warfighters beyond the reach of hostile fire.

Venom™ can be mounted on a variety of tactical vehicles or statically emplaced and fired from a vessel. The Venom™ system employs a reliable fire control system developed and manufactured by the Remington Arms Company, Inc.

venom.gifVenom Firepower:

Venom™ system allows the firing of 30 nine-inch cartridges in immediate succession and is remotely controlled which allows warfighters to remain out of harms way during operation.

The Venom™ launcher has a capacity of 30 rounds which are contained in three levels from 2 degrees horizontal, 12 degrees elevation and 23 degrees elevation.

Munitions are contained in 9-inch cassette magazines which are electronically initiated.

The loaded rounds are hermetically sealed and waterproofed protecting the ammunition from harsh environmental hazards. Flash bang rounds can reach extended ranges of up to 500 meters and multi-bang rounds can be set for varying distances in one contained unit.

Each cartridge contains up to seven projectiles which may include:
– CS or colored smoke.
– Combination cartridges containing 5 smoke and 1 flash bang or impact cartridges that dispense a variety of projectiles such as rubber balls and foam batons.
– 4 flash bangs that are projected simultaneously and detonate at a range of 125 meters.
– Single flash bang with an extended range of up to 500 meters.

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