During the author’s testing, in full-auto mode, he found the carbines to be accurate and controllable. Both models offer up the perfect medicine for operators needing rapid fire in tight quarters.

Tactical Weapons recently went on assignment to test some Class III firepower. One of the first things that became apparent when stepping into CMMG headquarters is that owners Jeff and John Overstreet are detail oriented. They produce quality little parts that go into quality bigger systems. Although I shot a lot of different weapons while at CMMG, there were two that I thought would be of special interest to the readers of TW. One is a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon)-sized 5.56 NATO AR-type weapon, and the other is a 9mm SMG.

Firing the CMMG using open BUIS (Back-Up Iron SIghts) allows for quick target acquisition.

The weapon I will refer to as a PDW uses the CMMG M7 7.3-inch Piston Upper with four-rail handguard. Obviously, since this upper uses a 7.3-inch barrel it is an NFA weapon and for non-government use will have to be mounted on a lower licensed as an SBR (Short Barreled Rifle). However, for government use, it can be mounted on a lower with a select-fire sear.

Among the features of the CMMG Piston M7 7.3-inch and other Med/Con (Medium Contour) upper are:
• Mil-Spec 4150 chrome-moly vanadium steel M4-contour barrel, chambered in 5.56×45 NATO and with a 1/7 twist
• Hard-chrome-lined chamber and bore
• M4 feed ramp
• 11-degree recessed target crown
• “F”-marked forged front sight base
(In simple terms, an “F” marked base is fractionally higher than a standard base)

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