SRM Arms, the newest front runner in shotgun innovation, unveiled its Model 1216 at the 2008 SHOT show. The gun drew quite a response from gun lovers, tactical professionals and industry bigwigs alike.

SRM Arms is the shotgun-manufacturing branch of Snake River Machine Inc. (SRM), a company specializing in the manufacturing of shotgun accessories such as trope tubes and magazine extensions located in the Boise area. In fact, SRM Performance Products, the accessories branch of SRM, has been around for nearly ten years, known most widely for its Sure Cycle; a recoil system made entirely of stainless steel materials designed to increase a shotgun’s ability to cycle loads.

Jeff Hajjar, founder of SRM, teamed up with former Santa Barbara police officer Warren Stockton to expand on the success of the Sure Cycle with a new concept in shotguns. Stockton is one of SRM’s main engineers and is also a co-developer of the Calico submachine gun.

At the 2000 SHOT show, Hajjar and Stockton attracted attention from a few Navy members who inspired them to create a stainless steel weapon with a helical magazine. With backgrounds in the cyclical innovation of weapon engineering, both Hajjar and Stockton decided to come up with an innovative twist on shotgun design in efforts to respond to a Mil-Spec proposal that required a short overall package of a CQC shotgun with a detachable magazine. Thus beginning the expansion of SRM into SRM Arms and the engineering of their semi-auto shotgun model 1216.

When asked why SRM Arms’ shotgun is unique from others in the market and whether or not the increase in round capacity will affect the operability of the gun in regards to jamming and ease of magazine rotation, company representative David Nielsen explained that the Model 1216 stands out from competition because of the gun’s functioning practical high-capacity magazine. “While prior designs were unpractical due to size and other limitations, SRM’s 1216 exceeds industry standards because of it’s practicality and ease of use. Our shortest model, the short barrel version of the 1216 meets NFA (Class) III requirements.”

Marketed for Military, Law Enforcement and civilian sales, SRM Arms anticipates the production of all three shotgun sizes at the end of 2008 and plans on retailing them for approximately $1800.00 each, however the exact price is uncertain and subject to future change. The company also plans on producing after market accessories for the guns such as advanced recoil systems, additional magazine extensions and new choke tubes.

For more information on SRM Arms, visit and keep your ears open; SRM Arms’ name is sure to come up in every industry circle.

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  SRM Arms, the newest front runner in shotgun innovation, unveiled its Model 1216…