A report to Congress sheds some light on the Army’s tactical wheeled vehicle strategy, but leaves many questions unanswered until further information becomes available.

The report, which was mandated by Congress in the explanatory statement accompanying the 2010 defense appropriations bill, broadly outlines the Army’s acquisition strategy for tactical wheeled vehicles. It was first reported by

Citing concerns that the Army lacked an overall strategy for procuring trucks, Congress required the service to submit a report on its plans. In the report, the Army admits that the document submitted is not the full picture.

One missing piece of information is the number of Joint Light Tactical Vehicles the Army plans to buy. A chart in the report outlines the Army’s procurement goals for 2025. For JLTV, the report says, “to be determined.”

It’s been reported that the Marine Corps is expected to purchase 5,500 of the Humvee replacements, and the Army has said it could buy 60,000 or so. However, Army officials have acknowledged that number could change as the tactical wheeled vehicle strategy evolves.

The overall number of light, medium and heavy trucks is expected to fall between now and 2025, according to the report. Today, the Army has 260,000 trucks, and in 2025 it plans to have 244,000.

The Army explains how it plans to manage and armor its fleet, but the service is waiting on a number of other reviews to wrap up or be approved before it can provide more information, according to the report.

Source: Kate Brannen for Military Times.

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