Each of these officers has a different stance, but all are performing well at Central Florida Tactical Conference.

There are some of us who can remember when the only law enforcement training available through some departments was FBI crouch and palm-on-the-wall, thumb-under-the-gun-hand-wrist shooting, and if you wanted fast two-handed tactical reality, you had to go train alongside civilians at Jeff Cooper’s or Ray Chapman’s schools. If you wanted more than some basic judo, aikido, and boxing in your defensive tactics package, you had to go to the dojo, not the police academy gym. And, of course, the smart officers did exactly that.

The Central Florida Tactical Con-ference is a good example of the principle. It had cops, soldiers, security professionals, armed tactical medical personnel, and law-abiding armed citizens — all natural allies — on the line together training in protection of the innocent. Moreover, the program encompassed an eclectic balance of mindset beforehand, tactics and skill sets for the fight itself, and tips for managing both medical and legal aftermaths. The instructors came from the disparate worlds of law enforcement, medicine, competition, and martial arts. All the trainers donated their time, and the proceeds of the seminar went to a most worthy cause, the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

From Words, To Hands, To Guns
Andy Stanford, past winner of the National Tactical Invitational, taught integration of verbal skills and body language to defuse angry suspects, all the way up to move offline, draw, fire, and hit. I was reminded of that great videotape that circulates through police training, of the angry pimp violently assaulting the calm, non-threatening police officer, who then flicks out of his low-profile stance when attacked and drops the violent suspect with a perfect strike to a Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) target zone. Call it Case One, in which the officer used force with textbook perfection.

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Each of these officers has a different stance, but all are performing well at…