Never before have marksmen and tactical units been better able to record and analyze training and operations than they are now, thanks to a new distribution partnership between Contour, Inc. (, a market leader in hands-free video cameras, and Daniel Defense (, the leading small arms and accessory manufacturer.

Leveraging Daniel Defense’s channel of more than 300 dealers and distributors, Contour products will be widely available to military, law enforcement and tactical personnel worldwide, providing a durable, lightweight, wearable way to record training and operations from right within the action.



Every branch of the military and law enforcement has started to incorporate hands-free cameras into its tactical training programs and real-life missions, including the military’s high profile and successful mission to capture Osama Bin Laden.

The point-of-view (POV) footage captured while training and on the ground provides an unparalleled perspective, but many cameras in the market are often too large, awkward or expensive to be widely adopted training tools. Lauded as the smallest, lightest and most technically advanced wearable cameras on the market, Contour’s various models can be mounted to a helmet or firearm to provide an accurate first-person perspective without getting in the way of combat.

“Innovation in this market is incredibly important, because each step forward can save lives and improve success rates for crucial missions,” Larry Vickers, CEO of Vickers Tactical and retired career special operations soldier. “Contour’s line of video cameras and flexible mounting options are the kind of steps we need to take to keep our soldiers safe and successful.”

For more than twenty years, he served as an expert marksman and selected the weapons of the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D) Unit. Vickers applies his small arms expertise by working with Daniel Defense and others to evaluate and bring the best products to the market.




Contour’s line of hands-free cameras and mounts help military and tactical professionals:

• Capture the Action from Anywhere: The smallest, and lightest wearable cameras virtually disappear with Contour’s low-profile, hands-free design
• Record in HD: A 135-degree wide-angle rotating lens delivers rich 1080p video; three resolutions and four frame rates, including 60 frames per second for a slow-motion review, are available to customize shots
• See True Point-of-View: The low-profile design mated to Contour’s patented TRail™ system makes it easy to mount to the side of a firearm or helmet without getting in the way
• Sustain All Conditions: Armored with a water-resistant anodized aluminum body, the cameras can sustain the most rugged environments
• Connect Seamlessly: The ContourGPS features a built-in Bluetooth that connects to a mobile phone to create a wireless viewfinder; its GPS receiver adds a new layer of data to the footage as it tracks location, speed, and altitude
• Catch Every Drill: When expended to 32 GB, the Contour cameras can record more than eight hours of HD content on one internal Micro SD card

Starting today, the Contour cameras and mounts that are available through Daniel Defense include:
• ContourGPS Camera ($349.99)
• ContourHD Camera ($249.99)
• Profile Mount ($19.99)
• Flat Surface Mount ($19.99)
• Picatinny Mount ($29.99)

More information is available at and

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