The CoolCop company introduces another cooling product, but this time it’s made to enhance the comfort and safety of military personnel. Like the CoolCop, the CoolSoldier provides low-cost cooling for operators wearing body armor in some of the most extreme environments on this planet. The average temperature during the summer months of July and August in Iraq is about 120 degrees Fahrenheit (48 degrees Celsius) during the day. Even in this kind of dry, persistent heat, soldiers are required to wear their body armor all day while on patrol. Body armor and nearly 100 lbs of weapon, ammo, and other gear, plus heat and exertion, out our soldiers at high risk of experiencing heat exhaustion.

coolsoldier-2.gifCoolSoldier provides instant relief from the heat by allowing a soldier without special tools to quickly hook up the CoolSoldier with its universal mounting system to any air vent in the vehicles currently serving in the Iraq war. These vehicles include the popular HMMWV (Humvee) and its variants, the FMTN (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles), the HEMTT (Heavily Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck), the M1070 HET (Heavy Equipment Transporter), the PLS (Palletized Load System) and the new STRYKER armored wheeled vehicle.

The CoolSoldier comes with the air vent attachment, 10-feet of hose that can even reach a Humvee Gunner and a gooseneck body armor attachment. The CoolSoldier works from the vehicle’s existing cooling/heating system and does not modify the vehicle. Installation is simple using the included vent clips and weather stripping.

When the desert cools down at night or during the winter, the CoolSoldier can also be used to keep a soldier warm. The CoolSoldier is available online at for only $49.95 or through the GSA program at

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