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cops1Some police officers are invited to live in apartment complexes at reduced rates. The apartment complex can then maintain a police presence without having to hire additional off-duty officers. One resident officer from a local PD received a call from the apartment manager concerning a suspicious vehicle parked in the complex. The officer approached the vehicle in his civilian attire, carrying his badge and gun.

The off-duty officer called in the license plate and discovered that the vehicle had been reported stolen. He then summoned an on-duty officer to assist in further investigation. The on-duty officer arrived and the two began to discuss their next move. During their discussion, a man exited the apartment complex and approached the officers, asking if there was a problem. When questioned if he was the owner of the vehicle, the man responded that he was.

The suspect’s girlfriend arrived during the discussion and was standing next to him when he reached into her purse, stating that he was retrieving his ID. The suspect pulled out a pistol and began shooting at the two officers. The on-duty officer saw the pistol as the suspect pulled it out of the purse and moved in front of the off-duty officer, protecting him with his own body armor. The suspect began firing first and hit the on-duty officer twice in the legs and abdomen and twice in the vest. Both officers responded with their duty weapons, hitting the suspect with 20-plus bullets of their own. The suspect died at the scene while the wounded officer made a full recovery.

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