Crimson Trace® announces an addition to the patent pending, revolutionary modular vertical foregrip product, the MVF-515 GREEN that now utilizes both a green laser and a white light in one unit. Both light sources reinforce the Crimson Trace mantra of instinctive activation for ease of use.

Given the popularity and usefulness of green lasers, the Crimson Trace engineering team was able to solve the two banes of green laser technology: First, heat, which shortens the laser diode life and secondly, high power draw which renders green lasers useless in a matter of minutes. The engineers at Crimson Trace have overcome both issues by utilizing the latest technologies into the new MVF-515 GREEN.

With such a dynamic and innovative product, there was a need to solve one of the largest issues for all lasers: reliable operation within temperature tolerances that are highly sensitive. The renown engineering team at Crimson Trace was able to provide the MVF product with functionality that has never been seen within the commercial laser world to date, thereby solidifying our place as the highest quality and most innovative laser manufacturer in the industry.

Just like its predecessor the MVF-515 RED, the MVF-515 GREEN brings speed, accuracy and effectiveness of heads-up sighting to those that require the tactical advantage available with this new product. The MVF-515 GREEN provides three tools in one. A laser, white-light, and a robust vertical foregrip in a single, modular package. The polymer grip panels are mounted onto an aircraft grade, 6061-T6 aluminum, hard-anodized tang and contain activation switches on each side that control the light and the laser independently. (The MVF-515 GREEN can be programmed in seconds for momentary laser or light, strobe or constant-on. The white light is adjustable from 150 to 200 lumens.) Two CR-123 batteries provide over 4 hours of light illumination and over 6 hours of green laser illumination.

The MVF-515 GREEN is anchored in place by a two-screw rail mount that fits most standard Picatinny rails. All electrical components fit into the vertical foregrip, which is ergonomically designed for comfort and built for hard use.

The texture of the MVF-515 GREEN is aggressive and can be used with or without gloves. Batteries and electronics are kept dry and functional by a water resistant O-ring built into the grip panels of the foregrip.

The MVF-515 GREEN tang is compatible with the Red Laser Module (MVF-515 MOD R). Sold separately, available at MSRP $249.

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Crimson Trace® announces an addition to the patent pending, revolutionary modular vertical foregrip product,…