Crye Precision Six12

Crye Precision, known for its camo patterns and tactical kits, has entered the firearms market for 2014. Crye has developed the Six12 bullpup shotgun. This double-action, striker-fired shotgun holds six rounds of 12-gauge ammunition in a removable, rotating cartridge. The Crye Precision Six12 will also be available as an add-on option for an AR-style rifle and can be used as a breaching option with either a 12.5-inch shotgun barrel or a 10.5-inch rifle barrel for clearance. Military and law enforcement operators can expect the Six12 to be available in the winter of 2014 with the civilian market to follow. For more information visit,

Crye Precision Six12 Modular Add-On
Crye Precision Six12 Modular Add-On

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