OKC’s 24-inch Xtreme Rescue (top) and Stanley Tools’ 30- and 18-inch Fubar Forcible Entry tools (middle and bottom) can destroy any material like wood, glass and drywall.

In law enforcement, you’re invariably going to run into occasions where you need to get into some place that folks don’t want you to be. The most likely occasion is when you’re serving a warrant and need to make entry posthaste, before evidence is lost or involved parties flee. Emergency situations can also require you to get somewhere fast in order help out folks in need. This could be in the case of a fire or medical emergency, or some other contingency.

I’m always on the lookout for tools that can get into places fast yet be easily carried in the trunk of a squad car or unmarked unit. A ram is nice, but it’s bulky, can be expensive and isn’t likely something you’re always going to have with you. I know some guys who carry full-sized sledgehammers around, and then there are Halligan tools, but neither seemed to be what I was looking for. Halligans, too, can be pricey and bulky, and the sledge doesn’t give you much option other than smashing things. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but sometimes you need to pry and rip as well. So, I was excited to hear that a few classic American companies had come out with tools that seemed tailor-made for my purposes.

The jaw of the Stanley Forcible Entry tool is designed to grip common dimensional lumber like 2x4s and tear it with ease.

Stanley Forcible Entry
Most folks on the job are probably familiar with Stanley Hand Tools. Head down to the garage and you might have something of theirs in your toolbox. They have a long history and reputation for making quality tools for American craftsmen. In looking at various pry bars, I came across the Stanley FatMax Xtreme Fubar utility bar. The FatMax is an unholy alliance of hammer and pry bar with a set of jaws on it designed to tear and rip 2x4s. Made of one piece of forged steel, it’s heavy and practically indestructible. There is either a 15- or 18-inch version, and it looked nearly perfect for what I was after.

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OKC’s 24-inch Xtreme Rescue (top) and Stanley Tools’ 30- and 18-inch Fubar Forcible Entry tools…