Heckler & Koch VP9 9mm
The Heckler & Koch VP9 9mm.

The annual gathering of law enforcement’s most senior leaders has once again proven to be a huge success. The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference held in Orlando this year served not only as a conference, but as an exposition of law-enforcement-centric products.

The 2014 IACP expo was a major success, and law enforcement leaders from around the world were able to meet to discuss policy and methodologies while still being able to explore mission critical products. The IACP is the premier meeting of its kind and has once again outdone itself.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this year’s event.



Developed with the modern tactical team in mind, the MGL-LTL from AAMI Weapons is a less-lethal launcher worthy of a serious look.

The launcher offers exceptional flexibility by firing rounds from a variety of manufacturers in both 40mm and 37/38mm. The launcher also has a KeyMod rail to accommodate a variety of grips, lights, lasers and other accessories. The launcher also features an adjustable stock to modify the length of pull and cheekweld for multiple operators.

For more information, visit abrams.com/aamiweapons/ or call 520-887-1727.


Alternative Ballistics

As law enforcement officers work to incorporate more less-lethal options into their inventories, Alternative Ballistics has developed a new device.

The device is developed as a blunt-force impact device launching from the muzzle of an officer’s duty weapon. The device is unique as it converts a duty weapon into a less-lethal weapon within seconds. Designed with a hard plastic shroud the fits over the muzzle of the duty weapon that falls away once fired, it does not interfere with the weapon’s standard operations.

For more information, visit alternativeballistics.com or call 619-326-4411.


American Tactical Entry Zeus

The days of caveman breaching are long gone. No longer are SWAT operators wielding cumbersome pieces of steel harvested from some backlot and crudely modified.

The best example of that is the Zeus ram from American Tactical Entry, an ergonomic masterpiece made from American steel that is truly a one-person ram. The design allows the user to breach then slide their arm inside the handle. This allows the operator to keep their weapon hand free. With a full handguard and coated surface, the Zeus ram is one of the best on the market.

For more information, visit ateamfg.com or call 813-523-8121.


Beretta 1301 Tactical

Beretta is a well-known and respected name in the firearms world. One of its newest products has been the point of many discussions and buzz in the tactical community.

The 1301 Tactical is Beretta’s newest gas-operated, semi-automatic shotgun. Primarily designed for law enforcement, it can easily serve in the home-defense role as well. With an 18.5-inch barrel, it is easily manipulated in small spaces without any sacrifice of performance. Complete with an oversized charging handle, a large textured bolt release and a reversible safety, it is an ergonomic dream.

For more information, visit beretta.com.

Black Creek Precision 9mm SBR

As many agencies find their way back towards the 9mm round, they are also looking for rifles in the same caliber. The good folks at Black Creek Precision have designed and manufactured a dedicated AR-platform SBR in 9mm.

Coming in 5.5, 6.5 and 10.5 inches, there is a barrel length to fit any need. The lower is an enhanced, precision-machined, dedicated 9mm unit that has been hardcoat anodized. The magazine well is heavily beveled and relieved to make loading fast and smooth. Designed as a dedicated 9mm SBR, Black Creek Precision has hit a homerun with this offering.

For more information, visit blackcreekprecision.com or call 888-426-6624.


ESS Crossbow Photochromic

A long time player in tactical eyewear, ESS has managed once again to bring a fresh innovation to the table. New this year it’s the Crossbow Photochromic glasses.

These glasses are created using Transition Optics lenses and are quick to move from clear glasses for indoor use to sunglasses for outside. The glasses are coated with a proprietary ClearZone FlowCoat that minimizes scratches. With a unique locking design you can easily switch lenses without any fear of them coming loose under impact. The ability to have one reliable and comfortable pair of glasses for indoors and out makes this new product a highlight of the show.

For more information, visit esseyepro.com or call 877-726-4072.


Gerber MP1-AR

New from the great minds at Gerber is the MP1-AR Weapons Multi-Tool. This versatile device is a full-sized multi-tool featuring implements needed for cleaning and maintaining the M16/M4/AR weapons system.

The MP1-AR features a punch for takedown pins, a contoured carbon scraper for cleaning the bolt and inside the bolt carrier and a dental-style carbon pick for cleaning the bolt’s ejector area and other hard-to-reach parts of the weapon. The MP1-AR features a magnetic bit driver that accepts standard-sized bits and is accompanied by a bit set that includes flathead, Phillips, hex and Torx bits commonly needed for adjusting optics and accessories. The bit set also includes a front sight adjustment tool for iron sights and a pin punch for trigger assemblies.

For more information, visit gerbergear.com or call 855-544-0150.


Glock 42

While it has seen much press and review, this was the first time the Glock 42 has had a dedicated once over by senior law enforcement officials. As with every other venue it has appeared at, the Glock 42 received substantial praise.

The G42 is a major departure from its “baby Glocks,” such as the Glock 27. The G42 is truly a compact pistol with concealment as its calling card. Chambered in .380 ACP and holding a six-round single-stack magazine, the G42 is slender to say the least. The single most profound strength that the G42 brings to the table is familiarity. For all intents and purposes, Glock has made a miniature version of the most widely issued law enforcement sidearm in the world, the Glock 22.

For more information, visit glock.com or call 770-432-1202.

Heckler & Koch VP9

Following its success with the P7 series of pistols from the 1980s, Heckler & Koch has released its newest innovation the VP9. A well-built striker-fired pistol, it has all of the traits of a HK weapon.

The VP9 has a very ergonomic design and includes interchangeable backstraps and side panels to make the pistol fit any hand. Coupled with a fantastic trigger and ambidextrous controls, the VP9 will certainly be a popular pistol across the board.

For more information, visit hk-usa.com or call 706-568-1906.


Olight M18 Maverick

Olight has developed the M18 Maverick to stand apart from the competition. With three brightness levels ranging from 5 to 500 lumens, it is a versatile workhorse.

Another unique feature is a side switch to select modes with a memory function to remember the last power setting used as well as a low-battery indicator. No more running through the modes on your light again and again to find your preferred setting. Surrounding the single-die CREE XM-L2 LED light unit is an aircraft-grade aluminum body with anti-scratch Type III hardcoat anodizing. It’s a well-made light that can serve as well on patrol as it would in daily life.

For more information, visit olightworld.com or call 714-893-1300.


Sig Sauer SIG-SD

While Sig Sauer is well known for its firearms, it may be less well known for another great product—suppressors—and more specifically the 5.56mm SIG-SD.

It is unique in the suppressor world because it offers a tapered shape allowing it to fit under most handguards and rails. Built with longevity in mind, the 5.56mm SIG-SD is a full 2 inches in diameter and made of a high-nickel-content stainless steel. This allows for a good mix of sound suppression, weight and lifespan. Sig Saur has quietly made one of the best suppressors on the market.

For more information, visit sigsauer.com or call 603-610-3000.


Smart Firearms SF3

There are countless important topics to teach new shooters and officers. One of the most critical skills is avoiding having their finger on the trigger when it is inappropriate.

Smart Firearms has introduced an ingenious solution. The SF3 is a hearty training weapon that detects and beeps when a student’s finger enters the triggerguard. This is a solid training device for agencies working defensive tactics and weapon retention drills. Well-made and solid, it is designed to last through years of training before any need for replacement. In use by over 14 agencies already, it will soon be a commonplace tool in every training center.

For more information, visit smartfirearms.us or call 480-788-7383.

Steiner M5Xi Military 1-5x24mm

Variable-power scopes for carbines and related fighting rifles are growing in. The challenge has been to find an optic that is truly 1X when dialed all the way down. Steiner Optics has heard the cry and brought a solution to market.

The M5Xi 1-5x24mm scope is designed for fighting rifles. With a true 1X magnification, it allows for both-eyes-open shooting at close distances and a 5X zoom for targets at longer distances. Built on a 30mm tube with a Rapid Dot reticle calibrated for 5.56mm ammo, the M5Xi is a leader in its class.

For more information, visit steiner-optics.com or call 888-228-7747.



A growing threat faced by law enforcement agencies around the country is the use of Tasers and other stun devices against officers. The engineers at ThorShied have developed a unique fabric to help protect officers from potential debilitating shocks.

ThorShield works by providing a highly conductive layer of fabric. The purpose of the fabric is to conduct any electrical charge through the fabric and away from your body. This material can be incorporated into any cloth-type duty gear, such as uniforms, body armor or gloves. It is lightweight and breathable, making it a true innovation.

For more information, visit thorshield.com.


Troy M7A1 PDW Kit

An age-old struggle on the firearms side of law enforcement has been to strike a balance between size and overall effectiveness of patrol rifles. Cue Troy and its M7A1 PDW stock kit.

A well-designed and built retractable stock kit fits onto any existing AR-15 and converts it to a true personal-defense weapon (PDW). Consisting of a proprietary spring, buffer system and heavy-duty latch system, the kit is a solid solution.

For more information, visit troydefense.com or call 413-788-4214.



Body cameras have become as common on officers as their duty belts and badges. A leader in this technology is VIEVU, and it has a new camera to meet the needs of agencies large and small. The VIEVU2 is a rugged, waterproof camera designed to be run hands free. Its most unique feature is that, along with downloads, it can stream real-time video to an iPhone or Android device. No desktop computer is required.

Additionally you’re able to choose the resolution you record in. This is important for agencies that are challenged by storing large amounts of HD video. Built out of military-grade anodized aluminum, the device holds up to 16 GB of video. Lightweight and easy to use, this is a camera to consider.

For more information, visit vievu.com or call 888-285-4548.


Vltor VWS Praetorian

Vltor VWS Praetorian 2014 IACP lead
Vltor VWS Praetorian

The Vltor VWS Praetorian is an exceptionally well thought out and constructed AR-platform rifle. The term “custom gun” is thrown around quite often, but Vltor has taken this idea to the next level.

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With an actual application to help agencies decide the configuration of their rifles, Vltor has seamlessly mixed customer service with customization. A mix of an exceptional weapon system combined with a brilliant application makes the Praetorian worth a look for any agency.

For more information, visit vltor.com or call 520-408-1944.

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