Ceska zbrojovka, or CZ, came into being in 1936 in what was Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic), primarily producing military weapons. After World War II, the factory, one of the world’s largest armsmakers, ended up as a Soviet satellite trapped behind the “Iron Curtain.”

Despite that, most readers are probably familiar with the famous CZ 75 pistol. During the Cold War, this much-sought-after handgun was hard to get in the West, but after the fall of the USSR, CZ began supplying sporting and defense weapons to world markets. An American subsidiary, CZ-USA, was created in 1997 to provide CZ firearms to U.S. sporting, defense and law enforcement markets. The CZ 75 is now an iconic handgun like the Colt 1911, and numerous gunmakers produce lookalikes.

Recently, CZ decided to enter the polymer-framed handgun market and produced the mid-sized P-07 Duty. Available chambered in 9mm or .40 S&W, this 3.8-inch-barreled pistol is suitable for plainclothes or uniform carry. With dimensions and ergonomics similar to the CZ family, the one-piece polymer grip frame allows it to have a 16+1 capacity of 9mm ammunition. Earlier this year, I was introduced to a new, full-sized version of the P-07—the CZ P-09 Duty.

Gun Details

Intended for patrol use, CZ’s P-09 Duty has a 4.53-inch barrel, an overall length of 8.1 inches and a height of 5.79 inches. With its elongated grip
frame, the P-09 Duty in 9mm accommodates a 19-round magazine. In .40 S&W, it has a 15+1 capacity. The extended grip frame means that the base of the magazine is flush-fitting and does not hang down below the pistol’s butt. The one-piece grip frame features molded-in stippling, serrations and checkering around the circumference, providing for a very secure hold during rapid-fire shooting. Like many contemporary pistols, it has interchangeable backstraps that come in sizes small, medium or large. I opted for the small-sized backstrap on my test 9mm, as it seemed the best fit for my medium-sized hands.

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