CZ 1911 A1 new 2015

So far, 2015 has brought a lot of highly anticipated firearms to the market. Now, CZ is releasing the first pistol made in the USA that bears the CZ name.

The all new CZ 1911 A1 is an homage to the past, a 5-inch government sized model built as a modern incarnation of the original 1911 A1.

CZ’s version makes several small “improvements” as well, swapping the checkered plastic grips for checkered walnut, adding serrated slide stop, magazine catch and mainspring housing and using a stainless steel barrel.

For the sake of the shooter, CZ elected to forgo the lanyard loop and added a taller set of sights that are easier to use, with the front dovetailed in so that it can be swapped more easily.

Built with much tighter slide-to-barrel and slide-to-frame tolerances than vintage models, the result is much improved accuracy without compromising reliability.

The CZ 1911 A1 is built without a trigger safety, while the trigger itself is aluminum with pull specified at 5 pounds, give or take a pound. Its forged carbon steel frame and slide are finished in a black oxide and it ships with two seven-round magazines.

The CZ 1911 A1 retails for $849.

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