The Daniel Defense M4 V7 in 5.56mm combines a mid-length gas system with a unique modular rail system that has movable 3-inch sections of Picatinny rail. It is shown equipped with an Aimpoint PRO optic, Contour GPS/camera module and Lancer L5 AWM magazines.

Daniel Defense, although a relatively young company first started in 2000, has made an indelible mark on the tactical AR market. Combining top-notch quality, cutting-edge design and word-of-mouth endorsements from those in the know, the Daniel Defense M4 series of AR carbines are extremely well respected in tactical circles.

At the heart of this success is a simple but telling tagline with which the company dubs its weapons: Mil-Spec+. If you are familiar with the current semi-automatic market of AR carbines, you undoubtedly have run across the seemingly unending debate over who makes true “Mil-Spec,” who does not, and what the term actually constitutes. The concept of what is “Mil-Spec” carries such weight because the current M16 has served for roughly five decades in one form or another with the U.S. military, which has resulted in a design that has been refined and enhanced through significant real-world experience.

The Modular Float Rail 12.0 features a smooth, slim body that is only 1.75 inches wide but can accept included 3-inch strips of Picatinny rail that can be repositioned.

So the question of which semi-auto AR variant most closely fulfills the stringent requirements of “Mil-Spec” is a source of significant contention in some circles. And, obviously, the variant that most closely replicates all these advancements in a semi-auto form is of great interest to the LE officer looking for the best possible patrol/tactical carbine that can be acquired.

The Modular Float Rail 12.0 is free-floated for accuracy, and completely conceals the M4 V7’s low-profile, mid-length gas block.

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