Dawson Precision EZ-Off Baseplates for Glock – USPSA and IDPA-Legal Baseplates in Four Heights and Colors

In response to requests from the USPSA and IDPA communities, Dave Dawson has created the EZ-Off line of baseplates for Glock, designed to ease the assembly and disassembly of Glock Magazines.

The newest addition Dawson Precision line of aftermarket parts for Glock handguns is the EZ-Off series of baseplates for Glock. Available in four heights and colors, Dawson Precision EZ-Off baseplates are designed specifically for Competition, Carry, Law Enforcement and Military use.

Due to the design of Glock magazines, they can be a challenge to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance,‚Äù explains Dave Dawson, CEO of Dawson Precision. We have all seen shooters struggling to remove the stock baseplates from Glock magazines. That’s why, years ago, we developed the Dawson Precision Tool-Less‚ Baseplates for Glock. Those baseplates increase capacity and are simple and easy to install and remove. And they have since proven themselves as our #1 selling part.

“Until now, USPSA Production Division and IDPA SSP shooters have been extremely limited in their choices for baseplates. Our new EZ-Off baseplates for Glock address those needs. They stay within competition rules by maintaining capacity and weighing less than one ounce, and through our unique design, are able to be installed and removed easily.”

Dawson Precision EZ-Off baseplates for Glock are offered in four heights which will allow the shooter to choose the perfect height while still fitting in the USPSA and IDPA boxes: Stock, +0.100‚ +0.200‚ and +0.300. In addition, each baseplate is CNC machined from billet aluminum and is available in silver, black, red and blue colors.

‚ÄúThe stock EZ-Off baseplates are the same height as the factory part,‚Äù said Chet Polo, director of marketing at Dawson Precision. ‚ÄúThe +.100‚ is that much taller than stock. The +.200‚ is appropriate for Glock 34 and 35 pistols or Glock 17 and 22 pistols with adjustable sights installed while the +.300‚ is best suited for 17s and 22s with fixed sights.

The Dawson Precision EZ-Off baseplates for Glock were designed to fit perfectly with the Dawson Precision Precision-Cut Baseplate Grip Tape for Glock. The Dawson baseplate grip tape comes in sets of six, numbered 0-5 and 6-11 in your choice of six colors.

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Dawson Precision EZ-Off Baseplates for Glock - USPSA and IDPA-Legal Baseplates in Four Heights…