Just one year after the introduction of their highly successful ChargerTM line of rear sights for Tactical, Military and law enforcement personnel, Dawson Precision has combined that same technology with the Novak lo Mount sight Cut and stylized it to be the perfect duty/carry rear sight.

“We were looking to create the perfect sight for the custom carry market,” explains Dave Dawson, Ceo of Dawson Precision. “Most custom guns with fixed sights are created with the Novak lo Mount cut. While the big custom gun shops like springfield and les Baer have specific sight heights we can count on, when it comes to all the variables of components in other carry guns, sight height specifications go quantum.”


“We developed the stealth ChargerTM line to have variables that the customer can choose from. They’re offered in black, optic-inserted and Tritium® models. In addition, we are offering three notch widths. lastly, and most importantly, we are offering the non-serrated rear blades in a range of heights from .315” to .375” tall. This allows the gun to be zeroed using the rear sight height as well as the front sight height.”

The Dawson Precision stealth ChargerTM rear sights are available in three notch widths; .125”, .135’ and .145” with non-serrated rear blades.

“The front profile has been tapered dramatically to ensure snag-free carry while the robust blade facilitates one-handed charging of the pistol by way of an undercut serrated front surface,” states Chet Polo, Director of Marketing at Dawson Precision. “our stealth ChargerTM sights are designed for extremely hard use. With this in mind, we put an extra-coarse blast on the sights when we finish them which diffuses light for a glare-free sight picture.”


Dawson Precision backs up their Perfect Impact® and Perfect Impact® stealth ChargerTM sights with the guarantee that, when combined with a Perfect Impact® front sight, if the point of impact isn’t correct, they will exchange the sight for the correct height. and if the correct front sight height isn’t a current stocking part, they’ll make a custom front height for you.

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