There was an incredible number of Law Enforcement Officers fatally shot in 2007. Sixty through October. Why is this happening; what is the problem? One online source called it a “New brutality that has surfaced.” I don’t think the brutality is new, actually it is quite the same. I don’t think that a new Assault Weapons ban is called for; it will not stop the slaying of officers or the school shootings.

I’m a retired Law Enforcement Officer and have been for five years. I worked on two major metropolitan forces. I’ve served in all high intensity units: SWAT, undercover, and also spent 17 years as a firearms instructor, teaching marksmanship and survival tactics.

What I have seen is that there will always be violent career criminals, but maybe it’s the everyday citizen who has changed. I believe there is a lack of respect for authority, as well as the news media being out of control. Everything on television is either sex or violence. Don’t get me wrong; I like action movies, but it has gotten ridiculous. Look what our politicians are doing. Trying to take religion out of our everyday lives, disrespecting our troops by lying and publicly stating that their efforts are useless. It goes on and on. These same politicians then bend the laws and commit crimes of one kind or another.

What are the Law Enforcement Officers of today being trained to do? Is it protecting the department from civil liabilities or to serve the public and survive on the streets? Firearms training has to be increased along with defensive tactics and firearm retention techniques. This training has to be mandatory and abuses will be met with consequences.

The majority of these shootings indicate that the Officers have been shot in the head and neck areas. These areas are usually unprotected by the bulletproof vest. Every citizen knows that cops wear vests. We can thank Hollywood and television for that. A number of these officers were ambushed. Where do people learn this unless they were trained by the military? Where do people learn these tactics? It’s from the television, movies, radical music and, of course, your career criminals learn these tactics in prisons.

Police administrators, the so-called bean counters, are going to have to do something about this new brutality as it is called. Equipment has to be kept up to some sort of acceptable standards. Two-man units are going to have to become the norm in certain work hours. Training will have to be increased. I’m not talking about “cultural sensitivity”; it’s about survival.

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