Lightweight and fast-handling, the Extreme Duty 316 is equipped with just the basics — a straight-up combat carbine. Shown here with Aimpoint PRO.

Do you really need a fancy railed handguard and a flip-up front sight on your patrol AR-15? What about a pistol grip with a compartment for storing whatnots, a buttstock that has more storage, or a specially designed comb? After checking out the Del-Ton Extreme Duty 316, your answer to both questions might be “no.”

Average patrol officers want the right equipment—they want to make it home at the end of each shift—but though the stakes are high some items are simply not essential or too expensive. When the bosses won’t pay for equipment that officers need to do their job and survive, those officers face a difficult choice. While good equipment is seldom cheap there are less expensive alternatives that will provide the basics—this holds true for the patrol carbine.

The M4 reinforced fiber collapsible stock and the A2-style pistol grip both keep costs down while performing the tasks at hand.

The AR-15 is becoming commonplace in law enforcement agencies across the country, and it’s no wonder considering its ergonomic construction and versatility. Officers who must provide for themselves may each spend a small fortune for an AR-15 equipped with the best accessories including lasers, red-dot optics, intermediate or long range scopes, tactical lights, bipods, muzzle brakes, special-purpose buttstocks, infrared illuminators and sighting devices, quad-rail handguards, and backup iron sights that glow in the dark. Match-grade barrels and adjustable triggers champion long-range shooters would be proud to own are available. Then there are manufacturers listing ARs for $2,000 and more, ones that guarantee groups of one minute of angle or less. That’s a lot of money, and the features are nice to have, but not all this equipment is essential.

To improve reliability, the flattop with M4 feed ramps extend down into the upper receiver.

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Lightweight and fast-handling, the Extreme Duty 316 is equipped with just the basics —…