The Del-Ton TRX features Troy Industries’ TRX Extreme Battle Rail forend, Battle Sights, Battle Ax CQB stock and BattleMag (although any standard AR/M16 magazine as shown will work). Shown equipped with an EOTech 552 HWS combat optic with integrated Laser Devices EOLAD-2 green laser pointer and SureFire M720V Raid Weaponlight.

Greater than the sum of its parts is an apt description of Del-Ton’s new TRX carbine. Based in Elizabethtown, NC, Del-Ton has been focusing on providing AR rifle parts and accessories, and more recently, on building their own line of complete rifles. I have had the opportunity to test and review several of these ARs and have been consistently impressed with their quality and mil-spec features.

The Battle Ax stock features a large amount of storage space for cleaning kits, spare parts, batteries, etc., and a sturdy steel buttplate.

The TRX, however, raises the bar well beyond my expectations. This rifle represents a new partnership between Del-Ton and Troy Industries and is a showcase for both companies. This semi-auto, direct gas impingement 5.56mm NATO semi-auto carbine comes loaded with upgrades that make it an excellent all-around rifle that is especially well suited for the patrol rifle role.

The Del-Ton TRX comes standard with Troy’s excellent folding Battle Sights. The front sight assembly features a heavy-duty winged post.

High-quality features start with the heavy 16-inch chrome-moly-vanadium barrel with a 1-in-9-inch twist rate and a manganese-phosphate finish. Chrome-moly-vanadium steel increases the carbon content and strength of the steel used in the barrel and meets mil-spec standards for durability. The 1-in-9 twist rate allows the barrel to stabilize a good range of bullet weights, including very low weight ones suitable for hunting uses as well as law enforcement or personal protection to help dissipate energy quickly and avoid over-penetration against soft targets. The bore of the barrel and its chamber are also chrome-lined to provide corrosion resistance and increase barrel life and reliability.

The direct gas impingement-operated TRX’s bolt carrier is made from Carpenter 158 steel, and the gas carrier key is properly staked and sealed.

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The Del-Ton TRX features Troy Industries’ TRX Extreme Battle Rail forend, Battle Sights, Battle…