Gene DeSantis from DeSantis Gunhide showcases new products for 2014.
Gene DeSantis from DeSantis Gunhide showcases new products for 2014.

DeSantis Gunhide has revealed several new products for 2014. Scroll down to see a video showcasing the latest from DeSantis Gunhide.

The first new product is an in-the-pants tuckable self-locking holster which doubles as a belt holster once the side clips are removed. In addition, DeSantis Gunhide is releasing their new GAT slide which can be worn strong side or weak side and is available for a majority of concealable handguns. Another new product is the Style 19 holster designed for the new Glock .380, which is not yet available.

DeSantis Gunhide is also releasing their new Roadrunner chest holster, new for 2014. The Roadrunner has ample room for other items like extra magazines and cell phones. Similar to the DeSantis Gunny Sack, the Roadrunner gun compartment is accessible from either side.

Another new product is a pouch which was originally designed for U.S. Air Marshals, but it is also suitable for shooters. On one side of the bag is a compartment for holstered handguns, the other side has slots for magazines, handcuffs, baton and cuff key.

For women, DeSantis is releasing a holster that wraps around the waist and can accommodate most small automatics and revolvers. Another new release for women is the bra holster. Made from thermal formed kydex and covered with suede, the bra holster is available for small automatics and revolvers. Another item for women is the handbag which has a J frame with pink clip grips.

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