The new SRS A1 sniper rifle from Desert Tactical Arms is an enhanced version of the most accurate, compact, and convertible rifle ever produced. This next generation design incorporates a height adjustable cheek piece, softer buttpad with tool-less spacer adjustments, and a light weight modular rail hand guard. This new lighter design is easier to carry into combat, hunting, or to the range. The new buttpad and adjustable cheek piece provide anyone a perfect fit and comfortable hold to make sure every shot counts.


The SRSA1 still boasts all the features that made its predecessor, the Stealth Recon Scout, a best seller including; seven quick caliber conversions with solid repeatable return to zero capabilities, compact bullpup design, match grade barrel, chamber, and crown, adjustable match trigger and 1/2 MOA accuracy.


Since the beginning, Desert Tactical Arms has put tremendous focus on seamless systems integration, to ensure that users of our products receive an experience that surpasses any other. Desert Tactical has truly redefined the pinnacle of precision, pushing accuracy to a level previously reached by only the most meticulous hand loaders.


The journey began six years ago, when we created the most advanced precision rifles the world has ever seen. We understood then, like we do now, that the rifle only serves as a foundation block that the entire firing process is built around. After developing the rifle, we optimized system harmonics by studying muzzle blast and barrel harmonics. We then created muzzle devices that minimized barrel whip and defused gas expansion, to prevent projectile disturbances upon exiting the barrel.


Once our rifle’s firing harmonics were optimized, we moved on to the ammunition, as a rifle’s accuracy is limited by the potential of the ammunition fired through it. After years of development, investment, and recruitment of synergistic personnel, Desert Tactical Munitions is now manufacturing ammunition with consistency never-before-seen, even by most hand-loaders. Like all great journeys, there have been roadblocks along the way, but the formula to success is persistence, and through persistence we are here today.

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The new SRS A1 sniper rifle from Desert Tactical Arms is an enhanced version…