Material: 4150 chromoly vanadium (CMV), Overall Dimensions: 16” Fits: AR15 Rifles

● 16” 4150 chromoly vanadium (CMV)
● M4 cut extension
● deep core drilling
● 6.8×43 mm SPC SPEC II Chamber
● 1:10 twist
● 6 groove, turned on center & stress relieved
● pulled-button rifled
● double hand lapped bore
● target crown
● 5/8×24 Threaded Muzzle
● 26-33 RC hardening
● black manganese phosphate finish (parkerized)
● hand brushed oil
● particle tested & air gauged
● carbine length

The generous neck diameter and longer throat/leade of our SPCII chambered barrel resolves pressure issues associated with the former SPC barrels. Exceptional accuracy, reliability and improved terminal ballistics reported over the 5.56/.223 at long range. This barrel is designed for law enforcement, SWAT, military use as well as medium to heavy game hunters with the capability of pushing a .277 caliber, 85gr bullet to over 2900 ft./sec., 110gr bullets over 2500 ft./sec. using factory loaded ammunition. The 1:10 twist is compatible with all loads, hotter loads, SSA combat, extreme and maximum hand loads. M4 feed ramps for use with flat nose bullets. Compatible with most commercial ammunition loaded to the 1:10 SPC II chamber specs.

DEZ Arms’ match barrels are an upgrade from production or mil spec barrels. The barrel, with deep core drilling, chambered 5.56 NATO, 1-9″ RH twist, 6-groove, pulled-button rifling process, hand lapped bore and 11º crown, delivers pinpoint accuracy. Each barrel is concentrically cut and muzzle threaded ½ -28 R.H. twist to accept flash hiders/suppressors, stressed relieved, turned on center and hardened to 26-33 Rc. Exterior includes detailed contouring, rich dark black manganese phosphate finish (parkerized), and hand brushed oil. Their pulled-button rifling produces a superbly accurate bore diameter with uniform rate of twist. The match barrel is machined to tighter specifications producing a tighter fit for greater accuracy. PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA.

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Material: 4150 chromoly vanadium (CMV), Overall Dimensions: 16” Fits: AR15 Rifles Features: ● 16”…