Revamped and ready for duty! With help from EOTech, Mesa Tactical and Vang Comp Systems, this Mossberg 500 Persuader has been tricked-out for the tactical advantage. Alex Landeen photo

From experience, I can safely say law enforcement officers’ interest in firearms can be divided into three categories: enthusiastic, accepting of their need, and completely lacking interest except to pass the next qualification. The first group is the one most likely to acquire new guns and techniques—they realize firearms can be as much a lifesaver as seatbelts or CPR. They want something to provide that edge to ensure they go home at the end of each shift.

Unfortunately, with all of life’s expenses, most people can’t afford every firearm they want or need, especially when drawing a badge-rated salary. And the highly customized firearms they frequently see tested don’t make things any easier. But take heart! Starting with quality equipment, you can build what you need or want in stages, with minimal money out of your pocket at any one time. This is definitely true with the shotgun. And while shotguns may not be the little darlings that patrol carbines seem to be, knowledgeable LEOs still appreciate their capabilities.

A Vang Comp barrel treatment will produce tighter buckshot patterns, and the company will also port the barrel to reduce recoil and muzzle rise. Alex Landeen photo

Let There Be Light

Since its advent 50 years ago, the Mossberg 500 has been a steady workhorse in hunting and law enforcement. By now, there are no bugs left to work out in this design. The 500’s operation is smooth and sure, and a tang-mounted safety makes it ambidextrous. The 500 is lightweight, well-made and reasonably priced. All of these elements contribute to its continued presence in patrol vehicles.

To truly increase the shotgun’s versatility and adaptability, Mesa Tactical’s LEO Adapter allows users to add an adjustable AR-style stock. Alex Landeen photo

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Revamped and ready for duty! With help from EOTech, Mesa Tactical and Vang Comp…