Takedown repeating rifles date to the 1800s. Switch-barrel bolt-actions have drawn more interest lately, with takedowns by Mauser, Blaser, Dakota, H-S Precision and the like. Salivate, if you dare. That much is free. The same isn’t true of the rifle. Versatility can be costly—unless you pick the new Dimension from Thompson/Center. Sticker shock here leaves you looking for another digit. The T/C Dimension rifle lists for less than an additional barrel alone from carriage-class makers! It debuts at $649, ready to scope.

Quick and easy, the Dimension comes together without loss of zero. A cantilever scope mount keeps the sight with the barrel, and shooters can switch between calibers in minutes.

The Gun’s Dimensions
Don’t look for figured Turkish walnut or a fitted case. What you get with Dimension is a cleverly designed 7075 alloy receiver that’s really a shell for the bolt, magazine and trigger group. There are weight savings here: with a .30-06 barrel, this new rifle weighs just 7 pounds empty. The fluted bolt mates directly to a barrel extension. Barrels—10 to start—are of chrome-molybdenum steel, 22 and 24 inches long, with 5 R rifling. Two guard screws in alloy sleeves secure an injection-molded polymer stock to the barrel and tang. You torque them with a supplied wrench. An alloy block up front and a pillar in the rear ensure consistent bedding. Barrels stay zeroed through changes if you leave each scope in the cantilever mount (optional). Snug to the barrel, the mount is stabilized at the bridge by a wedge and a setscrew.

Armorsoft grip inlays guarantee a solid hold on your Dimension when moisture invades your hunt. Mark Kayser Photo

The Dimension features a user-adjustable trigger with a pull range of 3.5 to 5 pounds. The safety is a two-detent side-mounted lever. The stock wears an Armorsoft coating and includes colored spacers to change the length of pull. There’s also a ventilated recoil pad that most shooters will find comfortable. A wide barrel channel accepts all barrel diameters.

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Takedown repeating rifles date to the 1800s. Switch-barrel bolt-actions have drawn more interest lately,…