Law enforcement’s operating climate is violent and getting worse.  From lone shooters and drug cartels to the threat of terrorism, officers from police, SWAT, and DEA to border patrol and homeland security face more violence and firepower.  As the bad guys gain access to sophisticated weapons and technology, officers place themselves in great jeopardy to keep the public safe.

What’s needed is a technology that gives the edge back to the good guys.  Now a new class of vehicle known as the Tactical Response Armored Car (TRAC), like a Swiss army knife for law enforcement, provides greater safety, versatility, and speed of response to officers than previously possible.

Built on a compact armored vehicle platform with tank-like, all-terrain tracks, the operator deploys the attachment needed for the situation whether an assault platform, breaching ram with wireless camera, grapple bucket, vehicle extraction tool, or custom option.  The operator can swap out attachments as needed in minutes via quick change couplers, while a custom transport truck gives TRAC and its attachments the portability to quickly go where needed, speeding officer response time.

The vehicle’s assault platform, with level II, III, or IV armor plating, top, bottom, front, and side protection, with matching ballistic glass, is one of its main draws. To ensure reliability under fire, TRAC equipment offers full manufacturing traceability including mill certificates with ballistic and heat reports.

The curved assault platform’s three large windows give officers an unobstructed view with armor protection, making direct line-of-sight assessment and response possible.

dolmen-approach-w-caption.jpg dolmen-going-in-w-caption.jpg


– Fully curved with three (3) ballistic glass windows allowing the driver and all team members to see where they are going. No blind driving or maneuvers. Armored to match the cab.

– Full sized sliding assault door, on machined ways with roller ball bearings ensuring that the door opens smoothly, fully and consistently regardless of how level the platform is.

– Large safety latch insuring that when the door is closed it remains closed.

– Armored side panels, offering protection from side threats

– Fully armored floor, providing protection from threats below the platform when performing second story deployments

– Large surface area, roomy for 6-7 fully suited team members

– Removable running boards for easy access and secure footing

– Two (2) GOLIGHT spotlights, movable and adjustable

– Fully armored Rear fold out platform for personnel carrying and/or equipment

For more info about TRAC, including video of SWAT team training with the equipment, visit; call 607-239-2737; Fax 607-722-3193; email [email protected]; or write to Dolmen Corp. at P.O. Box 77, Johnson City,  NY 13790.  Information may also be found by visiting the U.S. Department of Homeland Security website; keyword search: Dolmen.

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