Two new forcible door entry devices were recently introduced to the fire and law enforcement world by DoorStorm Enterprises.

“It’s a unique product line,” said Richard Thaw, President of DoorStorm Enterprises, the manufacturer of this product line, “because it brings simplicity to an area of the fire and law enforcement world that has been difficult to fill with a product that has been designed with highest standards throughout.” The units are “all green” and built for severe environmental usage.
There are two models of the product available for the fire and law enforcement market Thaw said. “Our DoorStorm forcible entry devices are unmatched in the marketplace as it’s able to open almost any door in mere seconds and has no hydraulics to fail. The small unit weighs only 11 lbs and able to generate over 13,000 lbs of spreading force. No other product on the market is available with this portability and versatility.” “The large unit weighs only 13lbs and will increase the opening from 4.5” to 7.5” through, the longest stroke of any unit on the marketplace.”
The units have applications in the fire, law enforcement and military markets, explained Thaw. “They allow rapid opening of most doors with little effort and without any use of hydraulics and in many cases the doors are not damaged. They never need any maintenance and are always ready to go 24/7. Both units are mechanically driven and come standard with a telescoping handle which increases torque 17x for extreme ease of use.
The units can be viewed and ordered for $1449 for the Doorstorm Ultra and $1699 for the DoorStorm Max model + shipping at

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Two new forcible door entry devices were recently introduced to the fire and law…