We’ve looked at some of the semi-auto rifles that can be found in the “Complete Book of Guns 2017” buyer’s guide, now let’s shift our focus to shotguns for the time being. There are dozens of scatterguns highlighted in the aforementioned buyer’s guide, including a fine selection of versatile and reliable double barrel shotguns.

Scroll through the gallery above to learn about the latest and greatest double barrel shotguns from Beretta, Benelli, FN, Mossberg and other quality gun makers. Whatever your need, there’s something here for the discerning buyer.

For more information on the double barrel shotguns in the gallery above, please visit the following sites.

Beretta 486 Parallelo

Beretta Field

Beretta Competition

Beretta Silver Pigeon 1/3/5

Benelli 828U


Franchi Instinct L

Franchi Instinct SL

Merkel Side-By-Side

Mossberg Silver Reserve II Over/Under

Mossberg Maverick Over/Under

Rock Island Armory S40 Over/Under

Stoeger Coach

Stoeger Condor

Stoeger Double Defense

Taylor’s Wyatt Earp Coach Gun


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