DoubleStar’s 5.56mm DS-4 carbine is built for harsh use and high round counts while maintaining superb accuracy. Shown with Trijicon SRS and Troy Battle Sight.

While many may already know the quality DoubleStar puts into its weapons—custom-grade 1911s and a very full line of ARs—I did not have a chance to get my hands on one of its M4-style rifles until very recently. Simply put, DoubleStar shines at building specific, purpose-made firearms for some of the best operators and discriminating gun owners in the country.

Many agencies are now issuing AR-platform carbines, or allowing officers to carry their personal firearms while on duty. In North Carolina, where I’m from, I have lost count of the number of departments transitioning to this model. This is a good thing, and it has led to an increase in M4-style carbines being carried in patrol vehicles. After testing the DoubleStar DS-4 carbine and putting it through its paces, I believe any officer in the nation would be hard pressed to find an M4-style offering that surpasses it in quality and workmanship.

As with the military’s M4, the DS-4 carbine features polymer handguards around the barrel to protect a user’s hands and provide a firm grip.

Gun Details

The 5.56mm DoubleStar DS-4 carbine comes from the factory with one 30-round magazine and all the requisite paperwork in a black plastic case that is already perfect for mounting in the trunk of a cruiser. Taking the gun out and handling it held no surprises for me—it’s a straight-up, semi-auto, direct gas impingement M4. The DS-4 carbine’s controls are located in traditional places, with the safety and bolt release mounted on the left side of the receiver and the magazine release on the right. I checked everything on the rifle for function and ease of operation while the gun was empty just to see how it handled. To say the least, all of its parts fit well and showed plenty of attention to detail. The rifle features a 16-inch, match-grade barrel with an M4 profile and flash suppressor. The chrome-moly barrel has a 1-in-9-inch twist rate. Standard M4 handguards surround the barrel and protect the user’s hands from heat.

DoubleStar is committed to quality. The flattop upper receiver allows operators to mount their prefered optics for engaging threats.

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DoubleStar’s 5.56mm DS-4 carbine is built for harsh use and high round counts while…