standard manufacturing's DP-12 LTL LE shotgun
(Photo by Standard Manufacturing)

Connecticut-based gun maker Standard Manufacturing has unveiled the DP-12 LTL LE, a less-lethal shotgun designed specifically for law enforcement applications. Based on the celebrated DP-12 double barrel pump-action, the DP-12 LTL LE discharges 16 rounds of less-lethal 12-gauge shells.

The DP-12 LTL LE comes with an international orange finish to denote the fact that it is a less-lethal device. As the press release notes, the fixed magazines reduce the possibility of loading lethal amor by accident, which can happen when certain firearms have interchangeable mags. Also, the 16-round capacity means you don’t have to load as often if you find yourself in a life-threatening situation.

“We are extremely proud to release this new model which we make available only to law enforcement and the military, and because it is built on our DP-12 platform, the DP-12 LTL will provide an unsurpassed level of reliability and performance to safeguard the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us”  Lou Frutuoso, the President of Standard Manufacturing, said in a statement.

For more information on the DP-12 LTL LE shotgun, visit or call 860-225-6581.

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