DPMS GII Rifles SHOT Show 2015

DPMS recently unveiled its new GII platform of .308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO AR-platform rifles. The new series features upper and lower receivers that are only dimensionally 7.62mms in the magazine and action. The rest of the rifles have 5.56mm compatibility, which translates to greater reliability, smaller dimensions and more aftermarket upgrade options. Shooters can install their 5.56mm AR handguards on their DPMS GII rifles, for example.

DPMS also spent several years ensuring its GII rifles were utterly reliable. To that end, the new platform features a forged, reduced-mass monolithic bolt carrier, which removes the chance of failure with a gas carrier key—since the system now has no gas carrier key. The bolt geometry has also been improved for greater consistent lockup, and DPMS installed two ejectors for redundancy. The company also created extractors from an undisclosed material that is super strong. Finally, the extractor spring has been tested in extreme temperatures and harsh solvents for failure, but it consistently works.

Several variants of the series are now available: The GII AP4, the GII Recon, the GII SASS, the GII Hunter, the GII Bull and the GII MOE. Each of these rifle features specialized barrels, furniture and accessories—like a bipod for the SASS rifle, which is meant for sharpshooting duties—for better performance in its given role.

For more information, visit dpmsinc.com or call 800-578-3767.

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