In an effort to meet the requirements of an open development proposal from U.S. Joint Special Operations Command (JSOP) for a discreet breakdown rifle for clandestine operators, DRD Tactical built the original Paratus, which has now been upgraded to the “Gen 2.” Chambered in 7.62mm NATO, the Paratus breaks down into three parts that fit into small hard case. Utilizing a direct impingement gas system, the buffer tube, buffer and spring have been replaced with a proprietary system that allows for a Magpul folding stock. The Paratus also accepts standard SR-25-type magazines, which allows for significant, reliable firepower. The key to the system is a unique barrel nut that holds the barrel to the receiver. The barrel attaches easily, and the barrel nut can be tightened by hand or secured with a hand tool that comes with the system. The unique, free-floating forend locks into place with the push of a button and tightens using a simple lever.

For testing the DRD Tactical Paratus Gen 2 in 7.62mm NATO, I used it as an entry and patrol carbine as well as a designated marksman rifle, or DMR. The Paratus’ cover design makes it easy for police marksmen to enter populated areas without alarming the surrounding public or giving away their position. I also used two different suppressors for testing the takedown rifle as well as the standard flash suppressor that comes installed on the 16-inch barrel. (18-inch-barreled versions are also available.)

Take look at my short video, which shows me assembling the rifle straight from its suitcase in exactly a minute, and watch me fire the Paratus from several different positions. Of course, keep your eyes peeled for a complete test and review of the DRD Tactical Paratus in a future issue of GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT. To subscribe, visit

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