Completely erasing data from a hard drive is easier and more efficient with the new Drive eRazer™ Ultra from CRU-DataPort®. Drive eRazer Ultra is a stand-alone hardware device that erases all data from 3.5″ or 2.5″ IDE/PATA and SATA hard drives faster and more securely than software solutions. Deleting a file or reformatting a drive will not permanently remove important information including credit card numbers, corporate and medical records, financial data, passwords or photos. Critical data remains accessible unless a proper tool is used to erase the hard drive entirely, thus ensuring data does not get into the wrong hands.

As more drives are recycled or discarded, recovering files from used hard drives that have not been properly erased has become relatively easy. Drive eRazer Ultra is an easy-to-use solution that writes over the entire drive with new data, leaving nothing left to recover. Simply connect a drive and follow the directions on the LCD menu. No computer required. A USB port is included so one may preview the drive and verify it is blank upon completion. Drive eRazer keeps up with the write speeds of modern hard drives and can operate at more than 7GB/min.


Many companies and organizations, including the Department of Defense, have documented security policies specifying hard drive sanitization. Drive eRazer Ultra offers user flexibility with over 10 preset erase methods including the DoD spec, Secure Erase and quick erase modes. Users may also create erase methods to meet their own needs. In addition, Drive eRazer Ultra will detect areas on a hard drive normally hidden to a computer and will offer multiple solutions of how to treat them. A printer port is also included to produce a verification label.


“Usually when someone thinks about information security, they think about network security,” said Randal Barber, CEO of CRU-DataPort. “Companies and end users tend to neglect information on hard drives no longer needed. Recently we bought used hard drives on eBay and found important data isn’t being erased correctly. We uncovered it.” To learn more about hard drive security and what was recovered, please read the following white paper.

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