DROZD EBOS Air pistols
Both the Umarex EBOS (bottom) and the PyramydAir DROZD (top) feature shoulder stocks for enhanced control, select-fire capabilities, 400-round capacities and accept AA batteries to power their electronic triggers.

When higher velocity is combined with selective fire, you need one thing: power. To borrow Roy Scheider’s famous line from Jaws, “We’re going to need a bigger CO2 capsule!”

Enter the 88-gram cartridge and two of the hottest air pistols on the planet to use them: the Baikal MP-66 1K, better known as the DROZD, and the Umarex Electronic Burst of Steel, or EBOS.

While bigger than most pistols, they provide integral shoulder stocks, and both offer multiple selective fire modes—single, three- or six-round bursts for the DROZD, and single, four- or eight-round bursts for the EBOS. Both have 400-round capacities and both are electronically operated, using six AA alkaline batteries to power the trigger and firing systems. 

In appearances the EBOS, priced at $174, looks like a 21st century tactical weapon and handles like one. The pricier Russian-made DROZD Blackbird, retailing for $350, looks like a prop from Star Trek.

Both have a design aesthetic that screams “form follows function” because there has to be a place for a CO2 cartridge that is 8 inches long and 4.5 inches in circumference. Neither is a traditional, historically based pistol, but rather something that takes air guns into a new era that undoubtedly will create a following of air gunners who want something truly original. The select-fire DROZD and EBOS are certainly that.

For more information on the EBOS  visit umarexusa.com, and for more on the DROZD visit pyramydair.com.

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