DSA is proud to release the KEYLOC, an improved gas key for the AR-15 type rifle that fits all in-spec AR-15/M16/M4 type bolt carriers.

The standard gas key currently used in AR-15 type rifle pro- duction consists of two screws that are staked to prevent backing out. This staking is known to come loose, often mak- ing the rifle fail to function. This problem has been around for years but has gone unaddressed except for what is called “proper staking”. This “proper staking” is not a defined spec and therefore very subjective. Due to heat and abuse when deploying the rifle; and because the staking is not a set spec or good design the screws still have the potential to work loose, allowing the rifle to become unreliable.



DSA has addressed this major issue with a simple to install and almost universal true fix. Our new KEYLOC design uses two 6 sided screws, a machined dovetail and an enhanced carrier key. These four simple components allow the end user to replace their existing carrier key with our enhanced design. The dovetail is placed into our machined gas key and fits against the flat sides of the screws, preventing them from turn- ing loose. This simple design means that improper staking is no longer a concern. The improved key, its dovetail and the two 6 sided screws fit onto any standard in-spec bolt carrier. Learn more at

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DSA is proud to release the KEYLOC, an improved gas key for the AR-15…