THE OTHER DAY I SAW A FRIEND OF MINE who belongs to a big city police department. He was telling me that his agency is planning to let officers purchase personal AR15 carbines to carry in their patrol and off-duty vehicles to enable officers to respond to “active shooter” incidents. Only four AR15-type carbines were approved for purchase. Theoretically, this is to make sure all are quality carbines; however, many of the best aren’t on the list. I think this illustrates a problem some encounter when picking an AR15. So many are being manufactured it’s difficult to make a decision.

dsa2.gifMany makers of AR15s get their receivers and most of their parts from the same source. This is a positive rather than a negative since well-established manufacturers have solved most of the quality control issues. What differentiates the manufacturers of AR15 carbines is the choice of options, cosmetic features, and the quality of work in assembling and tuning the carbines.

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THE OTHER DAY I SAW A FRIEND OF MINE who belongs to a big…