The patent pending SpeedSet duty belt system is a radically different duty belt for uniformed professionals. In the past 50 years demands on uniformed professionals and their duty belts have grown. Very little has been done to address this.

The flexible SpeedSet duty belt conforms to officer’s shapes offering unmatched comfort. Air flow vents provide relief in warmer climates as well as


creating a lighter weight belt. By designing the smallest buckle found on any duty belt, the users benefit from less buckle irritation and receive up to 25% more usable belt space around the buckle. Accessories can be moved to the front of the body for better access, productivity, and comfort. This added usable space is an exceptional benefit for women or officers with smaller waists. They can now comfortably carry more holders and use space on the belt that was previously restricted.

The SpeedSet system sets up in seconds and reconfigures on the fly. With the duty belt’s rail, holders can be moved or added without removing the belt. The patent pending belt also offers instant resizing. An officer now doesn’t have to live with a tight or sloppy belt. Use SpeedSet holders with ratcheting pivots for rapid configuration, or all existing traditional holders using the thread through method as the SpeedSet belt is a standard 2 1⁄4 inches wide.

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