The patented SpeedSet duty belt system is a radically different duty belt for law enforcement, corrections, military and safety professionals. “For nearly 100 years, little has changed on the duty belt until we incorporated an end-to-end light weight metal rail system into the SpeedSet duty belt in order to solve real problems” notes DutySmith co-Founder Ryan Mongan.

The SpeedSet duty belt allows the wearer to add or move accessories without removing the belt. Instead, simply lock accessories onto the duty belt’s metal rail—no more accessories randomly moving when they’re needed the most. Disassembling an entire belt just to move a flashlight ring is a thing of the past. In mid-stride you can lock accessories where needed on the belt.

With SpeedSet, no longer is the front of the belt off-limits. SpeedSet offers up to 8” of more usable belt space surrounding the buckle. Moving accessories to the front of the body results in better access and comfort. Why sit on your cuffs when you can now use the space up front? Plus, because the SpeedSet belt is industry standard 2-1/4” wide, accessories already owned by uniformed professionals will fit. Knowing how important it is for holsters not to shift on the belt, SpeedSet has small ribs along the inside of the belt to re-enforce any locking position.


Even the accessories deliver advantages and safety features including ratcheting pivot action for the most safe and ergonomic access. The absence of the traditional accessory loop inside the belt eliminates pinch points, resulting in comfort.

Each of SpeedSet’s seven accessories are available in black nylon & basketweave finish and have unique benefits for uniformed professionals, including a baton case, cuff case, flashlight/OC case, gloves/key case, radio case, keepers and a conversion kit for existing accessories to lock onto the SpeedSet duty belt (excludes holsters).

The SpeedSet Duty Belt is light weight and strong because the steel rail is mechanically attached to the elastomeric belt; it’s the stuff car steering wheels are made of and it’s extremely rugged.

In less than 2 months, DutySmith has 70+ uniformed professionals signed-up for Test & Evaluation and the list is growing every day. Those interested should contact them.

The SpeedSet Duty Belt and accessories have a lifetime warranty.

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